• Membrane Logistik
  • Large membrane box with cover
  • Membrane Logistik

ZENDOME. storage + logistics

For the ZENDOME package we have developed transport systems that have been optimised for the membrane, the Advanced Frame System, the heavy load floor and the accessories. We have also developed special boxes for the safe transportation of the membrane.

This membrane box supports membrane craning by making the craning directly from the box possible. This way contact with the ground and thus the danger of getting the membrane dirty is avoided. 

A small but important part of the membrane are the covers for the storage and logistic systems. These membranes are used to cover the stanchions and boxes and thus protect the system components even during transportation and storage from wind and weather. 

As opposed to the packaging of the two membrane parts of all dome sizes up to ZENDOME.150M the nine membrane parts of the ZENDOME.300M are packed into two boxes.

If requested ZENDOME will organise all large or small transports to and from the event location.