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ZENVISION. innovation and responsible creativity

We want to further improve and develop the idea of mobile architecture.
In 2020 ZENDOME, ZENCUBE and other development will form the perfect space with all the characteristics requested. It can be set-up in 10 % of the construction time of todays available systems. This way it saves resources and takes the growing mobility of people into account.

We are constantly trying to optimize our products.

We use relevant materials and development processes to improve our quality.

We set new trends concerning form and / or technological innovation.

We always make use of our current state of development. The quality of our products and materials is communicated from the purchase to the production all the way to the marketing requirements. 

Also we implement internet communication possibilities into our work. Our online information is interconnected with daily inquiries and is continually complemented. An optimum of information on the products and the company will always be available online.

We do not tolerate any discrimination that defies current laws and democratic values and will not include organisations that do not respect the freedom of the individual and above stated laws in our line of customers or suppliers.

We encourage Germany as a business location and especially Berlin as a city. Our products are "Made in Germany".

We are the first and best contact concerning mobile architecture: ZENVISION.