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  • Tunnel between two ZENDOME.75M
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ZENDOME.tunnel membrane

The ZENDOME modular system provides you with the freedom to realise your individual event ideas: combine all sizes of ZENDOMEs of the modular series to fascinating ZENDOME.domescapes. They are connected by tunnels which are attached to the membrane with Velcro pads and are secured to the circular doorways with tightening straps. 

When connecting different sizes there is a reducing element for the larger of the two domes which is inserted into the membrane where the tunnel needs to be installed. 

The tunnel membrane does not need additional structure elements and is tightened by means of  loops in the middle of the tunnel attached to the circular elements. This way you can realise a distance of 1,5 m between the domes. 

As special constructions we also realise geodesic tunnel constructions with different lengths which also makes curved tunnels possible.

Please talk to us about your special requirements.

Application Fields:
energy igloo, EnBW AG, Davos
GEK, Deutschland-Roadshow