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April 2007 saw the ZENDOME.75M and the ZENDOME.150M joined together via a tunnel as a ZENDOME.domescape support the spectacular coming into port of the AIDAdiva in Hamburg where it stayed for five days.

While the official christening of the dream ship by the star architect Gert Hof, who is known for his fascinating mega events, was celebrated as the high point of the Elb Event, the “Aida Days” offered fashion, films and other shows to the international crowd at the pier. 

Within the geodesic domes which where positioned by the Kugelblitz GmbH for the Hamburg Tourism GmbH at the event area next to the Hamburg Cruise Centre, the circa 500,000 visitors could learn important information about the fleet and the routes of the AIDA Cruises as well as the versatility of the AIDA Club Ships.

The “Aida Days” finished on 22nd of April with a Farewell Show after which the Hamburg Tourism GmbH drew a very positive bottom line: The “Aida Days” reached dimension formerly known only from the arrival of the British Luxury Liner “Queen Mary 2”. 

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