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  • Construction with hydraulic ramp
  • Installation of a swinging door (Special Construction)
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ZENDOME. construction team

You want to externalise the production and have your ZENDOME constructed entirely by our team? Then relax and let the ZENDOME.construction.team do the work.

For you to be able to concentrate on the organisation and management of the event, our experienced team can organise transportation and logistics of the ZENDOME and also make sure that all required material is on location in time and your event can start without delay.

The details will be communicated well in advance and our planning will follow your requirements concerning the dimensions and resources of your project.

Alternatively to the construction and deconstruction by the ZENDOME.construction.team you can also hire our construction coach and use your own team.

Complementary Accessories:

Areas of Use: 
Camelbase.at, Austria
World Trade Center Koeln, Cologne
Business convention for football, Johannesburg
Coca Cola, Spain  
energy igloo, Davos
HSH Nordbank, Luxembourg
Kiebitzberg Shipyard, Havelberg
Burda Medien Park Verlage, Offenburg