• Advanced Frame System Innenansicht
    Interior View
  • ZENDOME.knotenscheibe für schnelle und sichere Verbindungen
    ZENDOME.intersection-disc for a quick and secure connection
  • ZENDOME.gerüstfuß für optimalen Stand und Verbindung zum Bodensystem
    ZENDOME.structure-foot for optimum footing
  • ZENDOME.gerüststangen aus Stahl, verzinkt, pulverbeschichtet
    ZENDOME.structure-poles, powder coated, galvanised stainless steel
  • ZENDOME.knotenscheibe mit Plug-In für sichere und ästhetische Befestigung
    ZENDOME.intersection disc with Plug-In

ZENDOME. Advanced  Frame System

With the Advanced Frame System (AFS) patented by ZENDOME we have thought about mobility, safety and efficient cost calculation for your event. This special connection solution enables the safe, uncomplicated and clear construction of your geodesic dome at any location of your choosing. 

What is new: As opposed to traditional structure systems, the connection of the structure poles is not realised at one central point but at a perfectly fitting intersection disc. 

The structure poles are connected via fixed construction elements and threaded into key holes which makes construction and deconstruction very much easier and reduces the construction time by about 40%.

The safety is improved because we have very consciously dispensed with loose construction elements and at the same time use light construction elements which makes pre assembly possible. 

We have provided the structure poles with their own colour coding system and have thus made a faster and more secure positioning of the elements possible. 

Of course we at ZENDOME follow high quality standards with all our construction elements when it comes to material and processing: the poles are subject to the quality standards of traditional construction steel. 

The special finish for the longevity: the galvanized steel is finally powder coated with a very elastic coating which can also be realised in different RAL colours. 

This way, the Advanced Frame System does not only have the extraordinary design of every ZENDOME, but with its intersection discs also secures the static of the “Space for Ideas” even in extreme weather conditions (tested static according to DIN 4112, DIN 1055 T4).

Complementary Accessories
ZENDOME.plug ins

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