• ZENDOME.knotenscheibe für sichere und schnelle Montage
    ZENDOME.intersection-disc for safe and quick construction
  • ZENDOME.knotenscheibe in Transportkiste mit Ku-Inlay
    ZENDOME.intersection-disc in transport box with Ku-Inlay
  • ZENDOME.knotenscheibe mit montiertem Befestigungs-Plug-In
    ZENDOME.intersection disc with Plug-In for safe installation

ZENDOME. Intersection Disc

Innovation is round. The intersection disc as connecting element between the structure poles is a static element of the ZENDOME Advanced Frame System. Following the system of the geodesic structure, there are intersection discs with five and six holes where the colour coded poles are inserted. 

All but one pole can be inserted, moved to the right position and screwed tight in their keyholes. One pole prevents the patented system from twisting out of place.

As opposed to the solutions which where already used in the 1920s – traditional connection at one point where the thread points inward – the screwed connection is realised from the inside facing outward.

This makes the special intersection disc of the Advanced Frame System not only perfect in terms of ZENDOME design, but also increases the safety of the construction work during the event.

Furthermore, the hole in the middle of the intersection disc can be used for the Plug-Ins to elegantly install lighting, audio and decoration elements.