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ZENDOME. planetarium

The planetarium offers the classic scenario for the reproduction of immersive media, whereby the IMS is suspended in the geodetic structure. Visitors can move freely in the cathedral. The IMS starts at the planetarium about 2,36 m above the ground. Since an empty cylindrical space is created between the IMS and the geodesic structure, projection systems, audio systems and other technical equipment can be mounted and stored there. In addition, an aperture can fill the area between the lower ring and the IMS. For outdoor use, the heavy-duty floor system provides the necessary wind stability.

ZENDOME.12000PL-h IPS in Baton Rouge, US
ZENDOME.17000PL-h während der Floriade 2012, NL
ZENDOME.22000PL-h im Europa Park Rust, D 

ZENDOME.immersive media screen